Devil's Shadow

Clean n Protect - Snowfoam Pre-wash by Devil's Shadow

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Perfect for washes between Devil's Shadow Coatings.

Not only Cleans well but also prolongs the life of the Devils Shadow coating so you don't have to apply it as much.


Clean n Protect is an exceptionally soft prewash agent to clean all types of vehicles. Removes the static dirt and is easy to rinse.

Clean n Protects formula contains high-quality components which protect the lacquer and give a water-repellent and sparkling effect.  Guaranteed colour intensity. Moreover, it protects your vehicle against winter influences.

Clean n Protect - is an exceptionally soft wash agent. It can be used as both prewash and shampoo in automated systems with brushes, fogging systems, and spray arches, or for manual use, highly diluted through high-pressure cleaners and with foam systems.

Clean n Protect - Touchless cleaning simply, Foam On - Rinse Off



Use 250ml of Clean n Protect in a foam lance and fill to 1 litre with clean water, adust dosage to suit how dirty or clean the vehicle is at the time of washing


Features & Benefits:

Soft prewash agent

2-in-1 wash and wax

Protects against winter influences