Devil's Shadow

Devil's Shadow - Hydro Ceramic Wax

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Devils Shadow - Hydro Ceramic Wax 200ml (makes 2L)

Guaranteed to keep cleaner between washes.  The ceramic wax makes it more difficult for static dirt and mud to stick to the vehicle that is Guaranteed to keep cleaner between washes. 

Devils Shadow Hydro Ceramic Wax creates a protective layer that is resistant to acidic rain, safeguards the vehicle’s surface from the UV-light, and will slow down the process of oxidation.

The awesome beading of the final rinse water gives you an overall better drying result.

Finally, DEVILS SHADOW HYDRO CERAMIC WAX will leave a deep gloss and shine to the paint of the vehicle.




Wash your car with Clean Pre-Wash Snowfoam 

Dilute 100ml to make 1 litre

Apply evenly to clean wet car via a foam lance

Leave for a few minutes 

Rinse away thoroughly to an amazing paint protected shine

For best results dry with a plush microfibre towel.

Devil's Shadow will not be needed every wash, to prolong the life of the coating use Clean n Protect by Devils Shadow Between Coatings