Devil's Shadow

MTM Hydro Foam Cannon (NEW SHAPE)

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A recommended foam cannon for use of any Devil's Shadow Product

We will send out the new shape (ignore the images until I can fix them) 

This cannon produces a very thick blanket of foam use with Clean Pre-wash Snowfoam, Clean n Protect Snowfoam & Devil's Shadow itself. 

Brass Workings.

Measurement markers on the side of the bottle for easy dosage.

13 Step Adjustable Dosage.

Horizontal or Vertical Spray Pattern.

Adjustable Fan to Point Jet Spray

Complete with the coupling of your choice.


Coupling Choice

Kranzle D12

Kranzle D10

Kranzle M22

1/4" Qucik Release

Karcher Screw M22

Karcher Bayonet

Others available on request