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PRESSOL Chemical Resistant Spray Bottle 750ml

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Pressol Chemical Resistant Spray Bottle

The bottle is translucent - so you can see at all times just how much liquid you have in the bottle. The spray head has a highly efficient double-action; this means that when the trigger is pulled, the spray is delivered and when released, the spray continues in an uninterrupted stream.  This constant delivery is great for when you need to rapidly apply lots of products like a wheel cleaner or a clay lube.


Spray volume per cycle (ml): 1.4
Spray angle: 50°
Reach at set spray angle of 50° (mm): 600
Reach at full jet (mm): 4500
Container: HDPE (high-density polyethylene)
Pump: LDPE, POM, Me
Seal: NBR
Suction hose: PE
Pressure spring and ball: INOX
Adjusting nut: HDPE
Atomizer head with double stroke and freely positionable

Base width: 97mm
Height: 315m